About GuruMA

GuruMA is a European market-focused Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations consultancy and project management company shifting the “normal in-house Medical Affairs practice” with an innovative approach - the HCPs' knowledge-driven Medical Affairs solutions for the Healthcare Industry.

The professional expertise in Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations by our Managing Director Nidas Jurjonas dates back to the early 2000. Since then an extensive network of partners and shared service providers has been created, and the consultancy company GuruMA was established in 2018.

GuruMA services are focused on enabling the HCPs’ intelligence and health data access to the Pharma environment by creating value for the business in patient-oriented initiatives.

GuruMA vision is to be the most preferred healthcare know-how-driven Medical Affairs solutions provider.

GuruMA mission is to act as an external advisor dedicated to complex collaborative initiatives providing hands-on Medical Affairs expertise and Patient’s oriented values through a new model of engagement between Healthcare Professionals, biopharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. 

GuruMA core services include Medical Marketing strategies and tactics, empowerment of clinical expertise, disease management and patient support programs, RWE, biomedical research, and a full-scale service for acceleration and management of healthcare professional societies and independent investigator / academia-initiated studies.

Medical Affairs experts at GuruMA are available to provide the ultimate solutions that are urgent to accomplish your goals! 

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