About Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs is critical whilst not sufficiently met function accountable for developing and executing medical marketing strategies and tactics. The acceleration in the demand for generating and developing new innovative medicines and health technologies leads companies to focus the role on R&D rather than on managing products according to health care environment needs both before and after the commercialization. The bridging of the R&D and commercialization by the Medical Affairs function ensures the quickest and most efficient way the market access to the innovative product can be established without further need for companies to scarify own R&D resources and invest the time in pre-launch and launch activities thus allowing further to focus on innovation.

Medical Affairs at conventional Pharma

Medical Affairs activities at the conventional Pharma usually are resource-limited in small and mid-size countries. Some of the functions such as the management of Investigator-Initiated Studies or Epidemiological Registries are not in full control by the companies due to the regulation of the Pharma industry. The investment in such essential initiatives is below the expected level of outcome. GuruMA is a solution to maximize business value through the flexible sharing of medical resources.

Medical Affairs at Biopharma and Medical Device companies

The bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing model consists of the R&D organization in charge of developing new products and getting approvals for drugs and the commercial organization in charge of marketing and selling those products. One big difference from the conventional Pharma is that the Biopharma and Medical Device companies lack an additional group to act as a bridge between development and commercialization. This is the role of Medical Affairs. GuruMA is a professional shared service provider capable to fill the gap and to bridge the R&D with commercial without the stress on additional internal medical resources for Biopharma and Medical Device companies.

The primary focus of GuruMA is Medical Affairs solutions aimed for Medical Affairs Excellence. 

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