Complete list of GuruMA services

Consultations and Clinical Expertise

Transfer of HSPs’ intelligence and knowledge to the Pharma environment

Planning  Medical Affairs strategy and tactics, Facilatated Expert Meetings (Advisory Boards, Round Tables, Investigator Meetings, Scientific Exchange Meetings), Peer2Peer Reviews (Diagnostics & Treatment Analyses, Medical Market Research, Scientific Publication Review), Capability and Feasibility Analyses.

Project Management

Biomedical Studies 

Full scale Hands-on Support in Designing, Planning and Conducting Epidemiologic Research Projects, Registries, PASS, and RWE Studies.

Patient Values

Patient Support Programs, QoL and Patient Reported Outcomes studies, Personalized Medicine Initiatives. 

Medical Writing & Biostatistics

Study Concepts, Protocols, Informed Consent Forms, Analysis Plans, Monitoring Plans, Clinical Study Reports, Abstracts, Posters, Manuscripts.

Contract Research Operations

Regulatory support for Study Start-up, Contracting & Payments, Vendor management, and
ICH-GCP Monitoring.

Supplementary GuruMA services

Resource sharing between GuruMA and the partners can cover all other biopharmaceutical products or health technology launch readiness and life-cycle management aspects such as Pharmacovigilance, Market Access, Medical Information, Medical Monitoring and Medical Affairs Staff Outsourcing.